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Message from President

Welcome to Hanvit D&S homepage. Thanks to visit our company website, we are leaders of total engineering field. We have conducted many F/S (Feasibility Study) and Consulting in Korea and abroad. We are working on the field of renewable energy abroad through EDCF, BOT and BOO schemes with the local know-how which we have developed over years of experience.

Global warming caused by Carbon dioxide emissions is a problem which all nations in the earth should solve all together. Recently Depletion of Fossil fuel is an issue that we will be facing eventually, therefore, seeking alternative sources of energy is a necessity.
Founded in 2001, Our company, Hanvit D&S is proposing alternative solutions such as effective energy generation systems which are suitable for the needs of all nations. With our core strengths being design and supervision, we provide the ultimate needs for this field.

Though we are regarded as renewable energy hidden champions, we will not stop here and will continue to strive in order to stay on top.

Thank you
President Hyunhwa Lee.
Electrical Engineering at Joseon University (BS)
Industrial Graduate School of Joseon University (Master's degree)
Ph. D for Computer Engineering at Seoul Civic University
Completed CEO Course at Seoul Civic University (Diploma)
Architecture Engineering at the Metropolitan Science Graduate School of Seoul Civic University (Diploma)
(Former) Work experiences at Daehan Coal Corporation
(Former) Work experiences at Seoul Metro Corporation
(Former) Adjunct professor at Gwangju University
(Former) Adjunct professor at Suwon Science College
(Former) Member of legislation committee of Korea Electric Engineers Association
(Former) Director of supervision council of Korea Electric Engineers Association
(Former) Youth Committee member of Korean Professional Engineer Association
(Former) APEC consultant of Korean Professional Engineer Association
(Current) President of Hanvit D&S Co., Ltd.
(Current) Adjunct professor at Seoil University
(Current) Lecturer at Korea Electrical Contractors Association
(Current) Professional accident inspection consultant at Korean Professional Engineer Association
(Current) Member of Board of Education at Korean Professional Engineer Association
(Current) Engineering Consultant for Korea Environment Corporation
(Current) Engineering Consultant for Mapo-gu, Gangnam-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Goyang City, Suwon City and Yeosu City
Newest Electric Application (Gwangmyeong)
21st Century Core Electric Railway (Gwangmyeong)
Fundamental Power Electronics (Taeyeong)
Fundamental Electronic Engineering (Taeyeong)
Newest Electric Application (Taeyeong)
Electric Application New Edition (Gidari)
Solar PV Power Generation for Low Carbon and Green Growth (Gidari)
Design and construction for PV Power Generation System (Infothe)
Easily Understandable PV Power Generation System (Infothe)